Q:  Can I register friends or family members for events?
A:   Yes! This was one of the greatest advantages of our site! We have streamlined the registration process to allow you to quickly register multiple people without having to go through the entire process over and over. Simply add the event to your cart and select the number of people you wish to register. When you click to “Continue to Registration” you will complete the information for each registrant. You can also click one button to copy all of the fields if, for example, the address is the same.

Q:  Can I register for multiple events at the same time?
A:  Yes! You may add multiple events to your shopping cart and register for them all at once! You can click to copy your information for the different events so that you do not have to enter in the same information multiple times.

Q:  How do I know that my credit card information is secure?
A:  Book-Events.com uses a third party credit card processing company (stripe.com).  No credit card information is stored on the Book-Events.com website.

Q:  How can I get a refund for an event?
A:  The decision to provide a refund is made by the Event Director.  If you feel as if you need a refund, please contact the Event Director of your event.

Q:  How can I post my event on your site?
A:  Posting your event on our site is free for all Event Directors.  If you would like to post your event on our site, please email us at tripp@book-events.com.

Q:  I would like to post an event that has no admission fee.  Is that possible?
A:  Yes!  We can post events that have no admission fees for a low monthly fee.  Please email tripp@book-events.com to discuss this service. 

Q:  Can I advertise my business on your site?
A:  Yes!  If you would like to discuss advertisement on our site, please email tripp@book-events.com.

Do you have another question that we have not answered?  If so, email tripp@book-events.com, and we will do our best to answer it.